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Priscy Tarot

Get A Push Forward On Your Spiritual Journey


As an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Holistic Coach and Author with over 10 years experience, I can help you to find clarity, balance, healing and deeper spiritual meaning in your life.

Through my services, I can help you to:

Priscilla Salcedo, Author of Amazon's best seller "Metaphysics For The Average Joe" book series

Start Living Your Soul's Purpose As A Lightworker

intro to psychic development course by priscy tarot
intro to channeling spirit with priscy tarot
tarot reading course with priscy tarot
Priavte Mentorship with Priscy Tarot

 Deep down, you have always known that you were meant to use your intuitive, empathic and healing abilities to fulfill your soul's calling as a Lightworker; you were just looking for the right teacher to help you remember how to do it.


My classes can help you to:

  • Deepen into your spirituality

  • Awaken and develop your psychic abilities

  • Harness your innate ability to bring healing into the lives of others

  • Become a leader in the spiritual community


Take Intro to Intuition, Tarot Reading, Channeling Spirit and the other spiritual classes I offer to discover your divine gifts for psychic development and personal growth.

New Book Release!
Available On Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Rose colored prince by Priscilla Salcedo
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Self-Help Books

crystals for the average joe by Priscilla Salcedo
Intuition for the average joe by Priscilla Salcedo
tarot for the average joe book by Priscilla Salcedo
reiki book by Priscilla Salcedo
100 healing crystals for self care by Priscilla Salcedo

About Priscy

The Medical Medium

Priscy, a seasoned tarot reader, medical medium, and Reiki grandmaster, seamlessly blends her background as a former surgical technologist with a plethora of holistic certifications. Her diverse expertise encompasses Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Shamanism, and Medical Mediumship, providing clients with a comprehensive approach to healing and self-discovery.

Beyond her healing practice, Priscy is celebrated for her insightful book series, "Metaphysics for the Average Joe," which delves into topics such as intuition, chakra healing, and tarot reading. These illuminating works have garnered praise from readers seeking practical tools for personal growth and a deeper understanding of metaphysical practices.


To connect with Priscy, you can follow her on social media @priscytarot.



Priscy is such a very honest and sweet person! I felt so much better after her reading! She was very accurate and tuned in quickly to my situation during our reading! Please give her a call! You won't regret it! 


She was amazing! Loved everything about our call. She was kind, empathetic and reassuring and most importantly accurate. She gave me realistic time frames and picked up a lot of additional info. Would definitely call again 


Priscy was great to talk to! She offered some really helpful advice, encouragement, and timelines. It felt like a friendly conversation and she was very clear about what she was looking into/what she could see. Awesome advisor !

Priscy In The Press

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  • Reiki I,II, Master, Grandmaster/ Teacher - Certification

  • Distance Reiki Healing Specialist - Certification

  • Crystal Therapy Healing - Certification

  • Crystal Casting & Divination - Certification

  • Shamanic Moon Magic Practitioner - Certification

  • Past Life Regression - Certification

  • Clinical Aromatherapist - Certification

  • Munay -Ki Shamanic Teacher Certification

  • Akashic Record Reading Certification


Priscy Tarot leads an accredited institution recognized by the International Natural Healers Association.

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856-343-4242 | 

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